Sensory-Friendly Shows

What makes a performance "sensory-friendly?"

A sensory-friendly performance has been specially designed to serve patrons with sensory sensitivities and other special needs. We are making the entire experience sensory-friendly in three primary ways:
  • Production
  • Front of House
  • Staff, Dancer and Volunteer Training
The production will be, for the most part, what you would see if you were to attend any other performance. First and foremost, Parker Arts wants the production to retain its artistic integrity and impact on the audience. Some things will be different, however, such as: 
  • lowering sound and light levels so there are no sudden changes
  • eliminating any potentially startling effects 
  • keeping the house lights at half throughout the performance
Front of House
Front of house -- everything from the lobby to where you are sitting -- likely will be where audience members notice the biggest changes. Some adaptations will include:
  • relaxing of house rules -- you are free to get up, move around, and leave whenever you need to
  • allowed use of iPads and other electronics for therapeutic uses
  • volunteers scattered throughout the theater to assist and direct audience members as needed
  • quiet areas and activity areas in the lobby should your child need a break
  • fidget objects and ear plugs will be available
Staff, Dancer and Volunteer Training
Parker Arts is working with many local autism and intellectual and developmental disability experts to make sure that everyone involved understands the spectrum of special needs that patrons may have and strategies for helping all patrons through this experience.

Who can attend the performance?

Parker Arts strives to create a safe space for families with special needs to come and be who they are during the sensory-friendly performances. However, we also realize that there may be other patrons who wish to avail themselves of the adaptations and accommodations that a sensory-friendly performance provides. This year, after careful consideration and discussion with our partners in the autism and IDD community, we have decided to open up ticket sales to the general public for these two performances. All ticket buyers will receive communications from Parker Arts that they have purchased tickets for a sensory-friendly performance and what that means. If a patron unintentionally purchases tickets for a sensory-friendly performance, they are urged to contact the Parker Arts Box Office at 303.805.6800.