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Cultural Department Leadership Team

Alyssa Haines - Education Specialist( 303.805.3374)

Becky Berends - Facilities Manager (303.805.3369)

Bill Berry - Patron Services Manager  (303.805.6801)

Britni Minichino-Sikora - Program Coordinator  (303.805.3376)

Carrie Glassburn - Assistant Cultural Director, Communications  (303.805.3366)

David Holt - Lighting Technician (303.805.6814)

Denise Zoglmann - Assistant Cultural Director, Operations (303.805.3365)

Elaine Mariner - Cultural Director (303.805.3316)

Jameson Hamsmith - Graphic Design & Marketing Coordinator (303.805.3373)

Joe Brindley - Audio Technician (303.805.6812)

Kevin Newton - Production Manager (303.805.6809)

Kirstin Fletcher - Education Manager (303.805.3364)

Laura Nell Borden - Food and Beverage Coordinator (303.805.3375)

Roderick Borden - Stage Technician (303.805.6808)

Sara Crowe - Development Manager (303.805.3377)

Suzanne Velasquez - Facility Specialist (303.805.3363)

Sydney Mahnken - Outreach and Volunteer Specialist (303.805.3370)

Kelly Fausnacht - Marketing Manager (303.805.3371)

Job Opportunities

Cultural Department and PACE Center employment opportunities are posted on the Town of Parker Web site under the employment section.

We do not offer internships, but students interested in gaining work experience can apply for PT and Seasonal jobs through the Town of Parker’s website.